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Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, EMDR, and Medication Management for patients in Austin, Texas and California

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My background is in depth psychology and psychodynamic psychotherapy with a strong foundation in the biological contributors to mental health and illness. I provide a compassionate, trauma informed, and safe space where we can understand and change patterns that are no longer serving you,  support you through life transitions, and work together to help you reach your fullest potential in all aspects of life. I enjoy using dreams and other symbolic material as we work to understand you. I offer multiple therapy modalities depending on your needs, including parts work, psychodynamic therapy, Jungian oriented therapy, and others. I offer medications when needed or requested to support your healing and growth process. 


My particular areas of interest and expertise include the following: 

-Complex PTSD (CPTSD) and attachment trauma 

-Recovery from narcissistic abuse, toxic family systems, religious trauma, and trauma related to high-control groups 

-ADHD and neurodivergence 

-Medical trauma

-Parenting challenges 

I am trained in attachment focused EMDR (a powerful, evidence-based treatment for trauma). 

I serve patients in both California and Texas. 

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There is no separation between mind, body, and spirit, and each of these has to be addressed in tandem with the others to achieve wellness. In creating a customized treatment plan for you, we may consider the following factors: 

- diet (including possible nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities)

-movement and exercise

-home environment

-environmental exposures

-traumatic experiences


-cultural background and spirituality


-creative outlets

-adverse childhood experiences

I carefully examine how each of these factors impacts the entire system. I then work with you to adjust things that can be changed in the present while using therapy to understand and address past traumatic experiences that have remained in the nervous system.


"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes" -C. G. Jung

I am an adult psychiatrist (medical doctor) and psychotherapist. I believe that my relationship with my patients is central to the process of healing, and I have deep respect for the work required to come home to oneself. My style is warm, empathic, active, and engaging. Because I am trained as both a physician and a therapist, I am able to ensure that all bases are covered in your pursuit of health. 


I obtained my BA in Philosophy and Global Health from Northwestern University. I graduated with honors from the University of Illinois College of Medicine and completed my residency in psychiatry at San Mateo Behavioral Health & Recovery Services in San Mateo, California. I completed an internship in Jungian psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. I am trained in attachment focused EMDR (AF-EMDR), an evidence based treatment for trauma. 

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Due to my commitment to providing fully personalized, private, and holistic care, I am not in network with insurance providers. Insurance plans typically reimburse for the services I provide; I am happy to give you a bill to submit to your insurance for this purpose. Please contact me for information about fees.

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If you are a new patient and would like to set up a free consultation, please fill out my contact form; I look forward to being in touch! 

Thank you for your message!


I am LGBTQ+ affirming. I strive to create a safe space to explore, empower, and embrace all sexual orientations and gender identities. 

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